May 31, 2012

baby elephant syndrome

i had a baby elephant once...hehe
a "teddy" baby elephant :p
look something like dis

(pink tongue, pink ears, grey fluffy fur but with no cute blue flower)

but unfortunately,
when i pass it down to my youngest brother,
my cute baby elephant is used as a monster to fight with his power rangers set...hahaha

have u heard of "baby elephant syndrome"?
a famous story in the internet u've heard of it but i wanna re-tell it anyway~


as we know,
elephant is one of the humongous creature roaming this world,
n i won't deny its strength.
it can easily pull out a tree trunk including its root as if pulling weeds out
or walk over cars like walking on sand
(duh!...dis is way too exaggerated...hahaha)
reminds me of a movie..."Jumanji" when Alan accidently released a stampede of jungle creatures...hehe is this possible?

these gigantic elephants lined up,
only tied with a simple metal chain 
on only one leg
pecked to the ground!
and...they are very polite to not escape!

their trainer is so nice to them that they think they might regret leaving this imprisonment...haha
"husnu zhonn"
no, jz kidding...

well...these matured adult elephants
has been trained since they were only cute little baby elephants
to be chained to a strong iron shackle (on only one foot)

so this poor trapped baby elephant persistently tried to free himself away

urgh urgh urghhhhh!!!!

but he could not...
however hard he tried, he couldn't free himself out,
n he was stuck to loiter around the radius of his strong ironed chain...

n poor baby elephant finally gave up!
he knows...
that there is no use attempting to free himself...
he'll fail anyway~...huuu

sad baby elephant...:(

even after baby elephant became a strong big adult elephant,
he never again tried!
though i bet they can easily walk away from their simple metal chains..(refer to the second top pic)

'why my dear elephant?'
'i'll never get away, i've tried before n i failed =('

the powerful adult elephant unfortunately does not possess the mind like Thomas Edison's...
'who never gave up!
experimenting upon thousands of filaments...
and finally,
came up with our quite long lasting light bulbs'

the bad experience adult elephant had during childhood
limit his extremely powerful abilities...
and he is stuck imprison by a simple metal chain....huuu~

only if he has the guts to think big of himself
as huge as he is...
who knows, one elephant can even fly~

Dumbo the flying elephant!

so, my story fun??

i'll never forget my psychiatric prof once said:

'our brain has limitless ability, but it is our mind that imprison it'

so, as May is ending and June is approaching...

all the best for my friends n juniors for ur final exams
giv out all your efforts n never stop trying!

'berusaha sampai kedetik yang terakhir dan sampai ketitisan dakwat terakhir'
*my dad always says this to me if i whine am scared and nervous...;)

*first time after 5 years,
june is not associated with sympathetic rush for me...hee
though, i dread this end november rush will be greater than all 5 years put together
do pray for me n gen6...please please pleaseee

^^ thnx for reading till the end...
dah lame x membebel...haha


zikri said...

kak lynne...all da best!! ^^

lynne said...

thnx dear :-)

lynne said...
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asmalltownkid said...

Excellent story and moral input...