October 19, 2013

do explain

today i pour out all my adventurous encounters and problems i went through the couple of days i worked to my dad

ayah said, "mmm...kklg, have you heard about the guy in a train with his 2 kids?"
nope, what's the story?

there was this dad with his two kids in a train ride, the two kids were so active climbing up here and there, screaming. other passengers were disturbed. initially they told off the kids, but they didn't listen. seeing that the dad was just sitting in his seat doing nothing, one of the passengers decided that it's time to tell off the dad instead.

'hey! your kids are making a havoc here, ask them to sit in their places!'

the dad - am sorry, yup, my kids are a little bit troublesome.

'this isn't A LITTLE!'

the dad - if you know my situation, probably you'd understand,

you see, their mother is sick,  in ICU, it has been 5 days since they last seen their mother. they didn't wanna eat or bath or play. this morning though, i got a call from the hospital that we can come and visit today. my kids are so happy, they bathe, had their breakfast and a little bit hyperactive. but just now, i got another call from the hospital that their mother had just passed away...so now am sitting here trying to think of the best way to tell them that. for now i guess, just  let them be...

sekadar gambar hiasan

hearing the story, the passenger also decided to just let the kids be...

*do explain your situation, so people would understand your choices

*and if you are on the angry end, do listen to their explanation...you might decide otherwise instead


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